Food Safety

Food Protection Management and Food Safety for Food Handlers

Certified Food Managers Certification Training and Exam

Certified Food Manager Program – Food Establishment Group – guidelines

Boil Order Guidance for Food Service

Teach, train, test, repeat – food safety refreshers a must

Food Handlers Food Safety Course

Food Handlers Food Safety Classes are held throughout the year. Also classes are offered onsite. Just call to request. The cost for the classes are $20.00 per person.
Online courses are also available. Visit the website a

Food Cottage Business

Cooking Up a Cottage Food Business and Food Handlers Class

Cottage Food Guidelines – DSHS. Texas

Food Cottage Information – 2019


General Food Safety Information

Selling Yard Eggs in Texas

Food Safety Tips for Hunters

Making Food Donations Count

2018 Safety Recommendations for Roasting a Turkey

Loving Your Thanksgiving Your Leftovers

Turkey Do’s and Don’ts


Food Safety in an Emergency

Handling Food and Drinks when losing power

Emergency Food and Water Supplies

Disinfecting Water after a Disaster



Food Preservation

Country Curing Hams

National Center For Home Food Preservation

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