Diabetes Education


Do Well Be Well with Diabetes II

A  program for people with type 2 diabetes

This class will teach you how to manage diabetes. You can be well with diabetes!

Next Classes will be in 2020. Watch for dates

Topics Covered include

  • Getting Started: How Food Affects Your Blood Sugar
  • Are You Eating the Right Number of Carbohydrates? Lets find out.
  • Beyond the Diet: Improving Your Blood Glucose with Physical Activity
  • Beyond Diet and Physical Activity: Improving Your Blood Glucose Control with  Medication
  • Celebrating Diabetes Control while Avoiding Complications: Have Your Cake (or Snack) and Eating it Too!

The cost is $15.00 per person. To register or for more information call: 817-598-6168


Cooking Well with Diabetes II

These are interactive classes packed with research based information and delicious diabetes friendly recipes. They are usually hand on where participants prepare foods that are healthy and diabetes friendly.

Sessions include:

  • Carbohydrate Foods – Recognizing carbohydrates in recipes and using sweeteners effectively
  • Make Recipes with Fat Better for You – Healthy fats and fat substitutions
  • Double Pleasure Side Dishes – Reducing sodium and increasing fiber
  • Celebrating Sensibly – Special event recipes that are healthy and delicious.